Serenade Chocolatier Greets Its Customers with Passion that Has Been Passed Down for Generations

By Elisha Neubauer

When you enter the doors of Serenade Chocolatier, you’ll be greeted by a warm, inviting aroma and an eyeful of decadent chocolate offerings, each handcrafted by skilled chocolatiers. With an open kitchen, guests can get a glimpse of these artisans at work, watching gleefully as they create chocolate masterpieces right in front of their eyes.

“All our chocolates are made with only the best natural ingredients,” states Nur Kilic, Owner of Serenade Chocolatier. “We made 60 different chocolates in an open kitchen where you can see us creating our delicious gems with love.”


A Labor, and Legacy, of Love 2/5/13
By Bella English, Boston Globe
Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline Village is bracing for the busiest rush of the year: Valentine’s Day. There will be a line out the door of this small, pretty shop, awash nowadays in pinks and reds, milks and darks, hearts and Cupids… (Read Full Article)

Smash Into Chocolate Nirvana 1/31/11
“It’s a piñata, it’s a cake – it’s a chocolate piñata cake from Serenade Chocolatier. Yes, each cake-shaped molded chocolate shell hides a surprise: It’s filled with the chocolatier’s signature artisanal chocolates. (Read Full Article)

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A celebratory chocolate rush 9/19/07 [By Jeff Miranda]
Need to vent in prep for an ominous birthday? The chocolate piñata cake, designed by Serenade Chocolatier, will help you do just that. Hollow dark or milk chocolate cakes have a small wooden mallet tucked into the box, so when you get home, you can hammer the thin chocolate walls to reveal many tiny treats inside. (Read Full Article)

The Boston Globe’s Calendar 2/10/05 [By Christopher Muther]
“Serenade Chocolatier was one of the top 7 featured chocolate specialists in the Boston area profiled in Thursday’s Boston Globe Calendar section, Sweet Surrender, just in time for Valentine’s Day. And best of all, a photograph of a box of our premier chocolates was featured on the cover! (Read Full Article)

William Federer, 91; survivor of Holocaust became chocolatier 7/9/06 (Read Full Article)

“Sweet Surrender” The Boston Globe, calender cover, Febraury 10, 2005

We Won Best of Boston 2002!
“Serenade Chocolatier – Witness the alchemy firsthand: Confections at Serenade, Brookline Village’s intimate chocolatier, are prepared before customers’ eyes using smooth, buttery Callebaut direct from Belgium. It’s a show that has lured in locals, siren-like, for some 15 years now. Serenade also runs a small stand in South Station, lulling the train-bound and softening the commute home.”

“They look good enough to collect, but better to eat” 4/7/04 (Read Full Article)

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